$11.99 USD

I’d ask you to make me believe in romantic love again, but I already believe. I just haven’t seen evidence of it in a long, long time. What I want you to do is to shore up my hope that romantic love can actually happen in this crazy world of heartbreak and dashed dreams. Tell me your story (or somebody else’s?). Warm my heart. Make me laugh. Make me happy to cry. In return one of you will get a $2000 platinum and 18k yellow gold men’s wedding band (size 10/11).

There is no restriction on form other than that the entries must be no longer than 10 pages and should represent your own work. Previously published work is welcome! The winner will receive the ring, the top three entries will be published on the blog for the Speak For Yourself Open Mic community (speakforyourselfopenmic.wordpress.com), and the top five writers will be invited to read from their work as special features for Speak For Yourself Open Mic in Provo, Utah (restricted to local writers or those who can pay for their own travel). If the campaign earns more money than our costs, the two runner-up submissions will receive a cash prize.

Deadline Extended to June 3rd. Entry fee $11.99